How do I create a return with Budbee in Finland?

  • If you have ordered your order with Budbee, you can make a return through them. You do not need a return label.

    Write a note and include it in your return where you provide:

    Full name Order number Reason for return.

    If you do not use a return note, we will not be able to verify that the return is processed correctly.

    1 Open the Budbee app or click on the tracking link and go to your delivery.

    2 Click on "Book return." You now have two options. Choose the service that is available to you, either return via Budbee Box or have a driver come and pick up the package from your home.

    Budbee Box - Choose the Box where you want to leave the package. Once the return is booked, you have two hours to leave the package in the locker. If you don't make it in time, you can easily book a new time in the app. You do not need to print or bring a return label, Budbee takes care of it.

    Budbee Home - Do you want the driver to pick up your package at your door? Book a pickup time and choose whether you want to hand over the package to the driver or leave it outside your door for the driver to pick up. You do not need to print any labels.

    We charge a return fee of 60 SEK.

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